Justitia, Old Bridge of Heidelberg

Justitia, Old Bridge of Heidelberg
Justitia, Old Bridge of Heidelberg © Gernot Keller, 2007
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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Which way home

Above you will find a trailer for a documentary called “Which way home”.

The documentary follows several children who are trying to make their way to the USA from various Latin American countries. “Which way home” does a fantastic job of telling the personal stories of each of the children involved in these migrations. All have different reasons for trying to get to the USA (e.g. joining family) and all encounter a range of dangers and harms along their journeys.

Whilst the documentary is set on the American continent, it could be set anywhere. It is as much a story of disadvantage, migration and the harms caused by having borders and boundaries. 

Given the number of deaths, abuse and other related harms that children, and adults, suffer as a result of trying to seek refuge in more developed countries, are borders and boundaries truly worth maintaining?

Europe has questioned it. Whilst far from perfect, at least the borders between the Schengen nation states are a lot of more fluid, allowing for a less harmful passage for those joining family and finding work.

I am not pretending that I expect the world's states to subscribe to this type of Sen-globalism, and open up their borders to all any time soon. But given that these “imagined communities”, that pass for nation states, have only been in existence for a short space of time, perhaps we need to reconsider whether borders are worth the human, and economic, costs.

If you like what you see from the trailer, you can watch video clips from the documentary online here. I hope that you find it as engaging and as thought-provoking as I did.

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