Justitia, Old Bridge of Heidelberg

Justitia, Old Bridge of Heidelberg
Justitia, Old Bridge of Heidelberg © Gernot Keller, 2007
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Thursday, 29 September 2011

E-petition success

(c) Charlotte
Back. Yes. Good. 

After 6 weeks of querying the whereabouts of my e-petition, "Tackling gang culture", I finally received an email confirming that it has been published. 

The e-petition will have lost some of its significance now, given that the context of its gestation were the UK riots and the fallout from it. Just as there was public clamour for punitive measures to be taken against the "gangs" that had looted town centres, and the government's decision to hire a US 'supercop' to tackle gang culture, this e-petition seeks to apply a wider, more equitable definition of "gang", to include large corporations who gang up on and loot consumers' pockets

Feel free to click on the e-petition and sign if you so desire. The competition commission seem to be doing nothing about it, so why don't we. Another post to follow shortly. 

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