Justitia, Old Bridge of Heidelberg

Justitia, Old Bridge of Heidelberg
Justitia, Old Bridge of Heidelberg © Gernot Keller, 2007
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Monday, 30 May 2011

The 'benefits' cheats

Another quick soundbite before the bed bugs put me on their tow truck and drop me off on the M62.

I was quite disturbed to see that the government are naming and shaming benefits cheats in this mannerWe all know that this type of thing goes on. We read about it a lot. However, by publicising just one form of 'benefit' cheats, the UK government is guilty of hiding who the real 'benefit' cheats are.

Lincoln job centre on Christmas day © Richard Croft
Given the times that we are told that we live in, we could all 'benefit' from extra funds being paid into the state coffers. Extra funds, such as corporate tax, that the likes of Barclays  and Vodafone would rather not pay.

So are the figures lost through cheating the 'benefits' system in any way compatible to those 'benefits' lost through cheating the corporate tax system? I find it surprising that our government, who are so fond of quoting statistics and figures, are not telling us how much revenue is lost as a result of comparable 'benefits' cheats.
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